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Zelensky receives ultimatum from China

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Moscow, April 12 -/strong>. Daniel Covany, columnist for the South China Morning Post, writes that Volodymyr Zelensky must agree to a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine while he is still deciding something.
The article says that the Ukrainian army is running out of ammunition, and the production capacity of the West does not allow providing the necessary degree of military assistance.
“Despite their promises, Western politicians may simply not be able to write the check Zelensky is likely hoping for,” Kovanny said.
On February 24, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on its website a statement on the political settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, containing 12 points. Among the most important theses of Beijing: the need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, the resumption of direct dialogue between Moscow and Kiev, and the call to prevent further escalation.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron during an informal meeting in Guangzhou - 1920, 04/07/2023

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