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Zelenskyy urges faster military Aid as Russia strikes eastern Ukraine

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Ukraine called for faster military Deliver aid like NATO defense Ministers were set In order to meet for a second On Wednesday, amid Russian allegations that it had breached two fortified lines of Ukrainian defences on Eastern front.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Ukrainians backed down in the face of Russian attacks in Luhansk regionalthough it did not provide details and Reuters could not independently verify battlefield a report.

during the offensive … Ukrainian forces randomly retreated to distance of up within three kilometers (1.9 miles) of the previously occupied lines. on Telegram messaging app.

“Until the more fortified second Line of defense of the enemy Can’t stand penetration of Russians military. “

The Kremlin has intensified its attacks on a large area of Southern and eastern Ukraine in Recent weeks, Raid new offensive It was widely predicted.

Russia main Effort is focused on City of Bakhmut in Donetsk Province, adjacent to Luhansk.

General Staff of The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not mention any major setbacks in Luhansk in It’s morning update Wednesday.

It said that the Ukrainian units repelled the attacks in Regions of more More than 20 settlements, including Bakhmut and Vuhledar – a town 150 kilometers (90 miles) southwest of Bakhmut.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday said Russia was in Hurry to achieve as much as possible with that it latest Press before Ukraine and its allies gather strength.

“That is why speed He is of the essence ” defense heads met in Brussels for tow days of Conversations that continue on Wednesday. “Speed in Everything – adoption decisionsPregnancy out decisions, shipping supplies and training. Speed ​​saves people’s lives. “

Bakhmut capture It will provide a starting point for Russia to advance on Two larger cities, Kramatorsk and Sloviansk in Donetsk, which gives it an impetus months later of upcoming setbacks of the first holiday of the invasion on Feb 24.

“the situation on Frontline in particular in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, remains very Difficult. the battles literally for every foot of “Ukrainian land,” Zelensky said. in his Tuesday evening speech.

Ukrainian military analyst Ola Zhdanov said the fighting was “about everyone house” in Bakhmut.

“the situation remains Very difficult, but under control of “Our forces and the front did not move,” he added. in YouTube video.

western support

Ukraine using Shells faster than the West can make and says You need fighter jets and long-range Missiles to counter the Russians offensive and regain lost lands.

The United States and NATO pledged to the West support You won’t get stuck in the face of Rossi looms offensive.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he expects Ukraine to launch its own project offensive in spring.

Ukraine has an urgent matter requirements to help You meet this defining moment in the chapter of the war. We think there will be a window of an opportunity for to exercise initiative.

German defense minister boris pistorius said the supply of Ukraine with Fighter jets will certainly be discussed but they have not been a focus at the moment.

Russia calling invasion a “special military Operation “to eliminate security threats, NATO showed its hostility to Russia every day and was on the verge of it more included in dispute. Kyiv and its allies call Russia’s actions unjustified land grab.

Russia has vast territories of southern regions of Ukraine of Kherson and Zaporizhia, including its nuclear plant, are almost all of Luhansk and over half of Donetsk.

Last year, Russia announced that it had annexed the four regions in a move condemned by most countries of The United Nations is illegitimate.

upper room of Russia parliament He will hold an extraordinary meeting on February 22 that will focus on Approval of Laws on integration of Four regions of the Russian Federation, RIA Novosti, citing A senior deputy.

Publication of a report supported by the United States on On Tuesday, it said Russia had detained at least 6,000 Ukrainians children Probably a lot more – in camps in Crimea and Russia, whose primary goal seemed to be political re-education.

Embassy of Russia in Washington said Russia accepted children who They are forced to flee with their families from the bombing in Ukraine.

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