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Zuckerberg’s Wealth Surged by $44 Billion in 2021, Reports Bloomberg

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Ziad Najjar
Ziad Najjar is an Egyptian author who studied business and finance in the United States and has a keen interest in media. He combines his expertise in these fields to create informative and engaging works accessible to a broad audience.

Bloomberg reported that Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth has grown by $44 billion this year, the fastest growth among billionaires.

“Mark Zuckerberg net worth has increased by $44 billion this year. This is the fastest growth among other billionaires this year,” the agency said in a statement.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned businessman focused in 2022 on building the so-called “Metaverse” (from word to word, consisting of two parts, the first meta and the second Element), with the goal of dominating this area, “while spending everything that is necessary” .

According to the agency, at some point, these investments reduced Zuckerberg’s fortune by $100 billion.

According to the agency, Zuckerberg’s entire fortune is currently estimated at $ 89.9 billion, so he is on the list of the richest people in the world.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Zuckerberg is the 12th richest person in the world in terms of wealth, as well as the first among the rich in terms of his wealth, which has been increasing since the beginning of this year, followed by the head of Louis Vuitton. fashion company Moet Hennessy Bernard Arnault, and in third place is businessman, American Elon Musk.

Source: TASS

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