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Activision Declines Proposal for Call of Duty Theme Park, Focusing on Core Gameplay and Global Accessibility

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Activision Rejects Proposal for Call of Duty Theme Park

Activision, the company behind the popular video game franchise Call of Duty, has reportedly declined the opportunity to create a dedicated theme park based on the game. During an interview, Activision President Rob Kostic revealed the company’s decision.

Focus on Core Gameplay

Kostic explained that although they have considered various opportunities, including multimedia integration and theme park development, their focus has always been on the core gameplay. According to Kostic, Call of Duty has achieved the greatest success when the team concentrates on ensuring that as many people as possible can enjoy the game worldwide.

Maintaining Accessibility and Fun

Activision’s priority lies in enhancing the game’s business models and gameplay to cater to diverse types of gamers globally. They aim to create an accessible and enjoyable experience for every player. Kostic emphasized that active participation in the game is crucial for their success.

No Need for Additional Monetization

While Call of Duty continues to achieve annual success, the company does not prioritize ventures such as theme parks, movies, or other media developments. They believe that pursuing new monetization avenues might pose the risk of failure while the current model is thriving.

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