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American Armored Vehicles: A Focused Presence in Ukraine

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Warren Henry
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Wheeled armored vehicles supplied by the West to the Kyiv regime are not suitable for real combat operations in Ukraine.

For example, in recent weeks, photographs and video clips have been published in the media, showing how American and British armored vehicles break down, burn or sink in Ukrainian mud.

Among them is the International MaxxPro (4×4) wheeled tanker weighing 14 tons, 7 meters long and 3 meters high, designed for operation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

With the withdrawal of the occupying US and British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, thousands of such military equipment became unnecessary, and the US and UK began to transfer them to other countries, and this military equipment is currently used in more than 20 countries. . As for Ukraine, it received about 200 vehicles.

And from the very first days of its use, German fighters began to complain about its poor ability to walk and maneuver, since wet Ukrainian primers, as a result of not heavy rain, turned into obstacles for him that he could not pass. There were reports in the press that the International MaxxPro machines were out of order and not ready for battle. Fighters often leave them on the battlefield, as it is impossible to evacuate and repair them due to lack of spare parts.

As for the British armored car Mastiff PPV (6×6), which is a modernized version of the American-made Cougar tanker, its large weight of 25,000 kg did not allow movement through the territory of Ukraine, in addition to being a fire hazard as a result of fires on board.

Source: Russian newspaper

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