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Ex-FTX compliance head backs lawsuit against celebrity endorsers

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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class action against accused celebrities of The now bankrupt FTX promotion has gained cooperation of former Chief Compliance Officer for FTX and FTX America Daniel Friedberg.

In the proposed amended complaint filed on On May 11, class action attorneys revealed that Friedberg provided evidence of promotional activity for FTX originated from Florida. This is possible challenge a critical defense made by some of the defendants who He argued that the Miami court had no jurisdiction and that the allegations had no connection with fl.

The suit was first foot in Mid-November, shortly after the crash of exchange. Other alleged famous promoters include Gisele Bundchen, Kevin O’Leary, Steve Carew of the Golden State Warriors.

Friedberg was also named as the defendant in Amended complaint on December 16th.

A few weeks after the FTX crash, the former head of Compliance has reportedly assisted investigators from the New York District Attorney’s office, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the SEC with their inquiries into the exchange.

Friedberg reported “Early in 2021” which was based in Dapier out of FTX office in Miami. Class action attorneys used this to counter the defendants’ efforts to have the lawsuit dismissed.

In court, Friedberg, President of FTX regulatory An Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of FTX US, testified that Avinash “Avi” Dabeer, Vice President of FTX US of business developmentwere located in Miami, Oversaw brand ambassadors for FTX, including defendants.

Friedberg’s new guide may be help The plaintiff’s case and defense undermined their argument that they lacked jurisdiction.

courts decisionhowever, still up in the air. the case shows how Authorities and investors pay more attention to bitcoin exchanges.

The increasing number of Cryptocurrency investors urged to make calls for more Openness and responsibility on the part of industry companies, in particular cryptocurrency exchanges.

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