A whopping 50 Creative Rounds crafted by Mediatonic’s Blunderdome Construction Crew will be released throughout Season 4, to keep beans busy while new builders are getting used to the toolset. We’ll be kicking things off with 20 of these Rounds straightaway in Solos! Here’s just a few of the fun-tastic new Rounds available to play: 

  • Beans Ahoy!
  • Airborne Antics
  • Scythes & Roundabouts
  • Runner Beans
  • Fan Flingers
  • Uphill Struggle
  • Spinner Sprint
  • Lane Changers
  • Gentle Gauntlet
  • Square Up
  • Slide Showdown
  • Digi Trek
  • Shortcut Links
  • Upload Heights
  • Parkour Panic
  • Data Streams
  • Gigabyte Gauntlet
  • Cube Corruption
  • Wham Bam Boom
  • Firewall Finale


Fame Pass

From now on, you’ll get multiple consecutive Fame Passes in Fall Guys that last between 4 and 7 weeks! The revamped passes have proportionately more Costumes, Colours, Patterns and Emotes than our previous Season Passes, and Fame Pass 1 will come with 6 Costumes for you to earn. There is also a free Progression Path available.


We have DOUBLED the number of daily challenges for players, but decreased the number of weekly challenges. The total rewards you get from completing all challenges are higher than previous seasons in spite of the lower number of available challenges. We have also removed Marathon challenges for the foreseeable future.

Duos Changes

Team Rounds will no longer be present in Duos mode, but will remain in Squads.


  • Previously, players were able to exploit FPS on a computer and get “speed boosts” when using drums on levels like Lily Leapers. We have significantly reduced the ability to do this
  • We have greatly improved “bodyblocking”. Players should feel significantly less disruption when colliding with other players on all levels
  • Shortened intro cams on rounds that had the longest intros
  • Improved the elimination screen by making it faster + more zoomed in
  • Improvements to the physics of Blast Balls. They now have a consistent explosion at all ranges
  • Squads will no longer be forced to spectate in finals if all of their squad is eliminated
  • Fixed instances of some patterns appearing blurry when in the menu on Nintendo Switch devices
  • Fixed instances where the final picture would not display for players in Pixel Perfect
  • Improved instances where Hex tiles would not despawn on all Hex levels
  • Increased the number of small tentacles that spawn during Kraken Attack
  • Fixed instances where the force field would disappear in some camera angles during the Squad version of Volleyfall
  • Fixed instances where the variation of the Round would appear to change during the intro cam of Hex-a-Ring
  • The Fall Guy is no longer able to mount the platform underneath the conveyor belt in Whirlygig
  • The Fall Guy will no longer suddenly stumble due to a misaligned platform in Track Attack
  • Added the Yeetus variation back to Big Fans as it was previously missing
  • Fixed instances of FPS drops when cannons would launch for the first time on various levels
  • Players are no longer able to jump between the tracks on Rock and Roll
  • Fixed various issues when the countdown timer ends on Jinxed, such as erratic behaviour of other players or players appearing stuck
  • Fixed cannons appearing quieter when closer, and louder when farther away on Lily Leapers
  • Fixed instances where Rhinos would spin in place instead of chasing players on Stompin’ Ground
  • Fixed instances of Volleyfall starting with uneven teams in Solos
  • Fixed timer not appearing on some finals such as Kraken Attack and Jump Showdown
  • Fixed various patterns having the incorrect tile appearing in the customisation menu
  • Improvements to various freezes on Nintendo Switch when loading menus
  • Fixed instances of being unable to open Parties on PS4
  • Fixed some crashes when receiving a “Join Party” error in game
  • Fixed inactive cannons on Pipe Dream

Source:Fall Guys