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Lawsuit Threatened Against PSYOP Creator, Urged to Retrieve ETH

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Mike Kanowitz, partner at Loevy & Loevy, threatened to sue the founder of PSYOP project f who It passes the handle ‘Ben_eth’, if it does not refund the pre-sale buyer of they hard-earned Ether (ETH).

Investors refund pre-sale in full

in a joint message on May 19th and minted it as irreplaceable token (NFT) on Ethereum, a smart contract platform, the lawyer notes that the founder intentionally misled investors and failed To fulfill promises regarding project.

Kanowitz stated clearly:

“Recovery is the attitude-up something we do. You have made promises and failed to live up for them. anyone who It has ever been in business knows that if you f_ck up on When you deliver what you promise, the customer gets your money back.”

the warning is alert of Possible legal consequences that the founder may sign faceincluding wire fraud and other serious charges.

The message prompts PSYOP creator To retrieve Ethereum (ETH) received from users adding that it will be so over and that “the company and its victims will have their way.”

However, Ben.eth and PSYOP have warned that if they continue to mess around up thousands of peoplethe law firm will sue and seek justice for affected victims. Currently, users who Involved in A pre-PSYOP device receives fewer tokens than an airdrop, a reason Some claim that Ben.eth deceives pre-sale investors.

In response to the legal threat, Ben_eth rescinded and threatened the letter, calling it unprofessional and warning that it could have a consequence. for law firm with Bar.

he also He laughed at Kanowitz for Sending the message as an NFT, adding to the controversy surrounding the situation.

Concerns about PSYOP projectpull the rug in expected?

PSYOP is the currency of the meme project Launched on Ethereum. Launched in mid-May 2023, project ride on The next meme wave success of PEPE and LADYS.

the project since then over $7 million in ETH. However, there is controversy about design of The underlying smart contract and fears that Ben.eth may plan, after all, to attract investors. Analysts reveal that Job in PSYOP smart contract allows validator to transfer all coins, including those from investors, to an external wallet.

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