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Layoffs at Disney as They Introduce Metaverse Division

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
Gherardo Fiorenzo is an Italian author with a unique perspective shaped by his experiences in Italy and the US. His thought-provoking articles, short stories, and reviews explore the intersections of language, identity, and culture.

Walt Disney is said to have fired nearly all of the employees that make up its consumer experiences unit, The division in Cost of Its metaverse strategies, as part of Company-wide restructuring process. Disney plans to cut its workforce by about 7,000 in the coming months.

Just over a year after joining Metaverse Chariot and NFTs, Walt Disney, an American multinational conglomerate media based entertainment conglomerate in California, calling her to quit smoking already.

According to sources, the 99-year-old family The entertainment giant has dissolved its consumer experiences unit, Inc division in Cost of Its metaverse strategies, as part of Company-wide restructuring aims to lay off about 7,000 workers within next sixty days.

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Reportedly developed by Disney off about 50 people in consumer experiences division This week, sparing only Mike White, A.J former Apollo’s chief technical officer (CTO) has been appointed as head of Metaverse project in February 2022.

It is still not clear if this is the end of The Road for Disney regarding NFTs and the metaverse.

He will mention it in March 2022 Disney Pixar Pals NFTs sold out out within 24 hours After they are released, they are born over 3 million dollars for company.

in related newsblur currently the world number one NFT Market, with $139.89 million in total Value locked (TVL), according to Defi Llama.

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