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Musk’s Determination to Raise Funds on Twitter; Removal of Blue Mark Impacts All Egyptian Ministries’ Accounts

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Warren Henry
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Billionaire Twitter President Elon Musk continues to follow through on his threat to remove the blue flag for any account whose subscription has not been paid since yesterday Thursday, so that all official accounts of Egyptian ministries will be affected today.

And local media followed the removal from the blue mark of the social network “Twitter” of the accounts of a number of ministries, including the ministries of finance, communications and international cooperation, the public sector of business, health, population, supply, and trade. industry and other ministries.

The blue tag “hashtag” was popularized in Egypt through the short blogging site “Twitter” after a sudden move that the well-known application witnessed in recent hours by removing the well-known authentication tag, the blue tag, from all accounts that did not pay for a subscription.

Musk has set an $8 monthly subscription to keep Twitter blue ticked, and he has previously said his companies will be in good shape in 2023, despite potential economic hardship, after the risk of bankruptcy rises. from Twitter.

It is noteworthy that yesterday, Thursday, many prominent Twitter users lost their blue authentication tags, which helped them verify their identity and distinguish them from scammers. Twitter had about 300,000 users registered under the blue authentication system, many of whom are journalists, athletes, and public figures.

Source: “Cairo 24”

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