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Patreon Launches New Features, Redesigned App, and Brand Identity: Chat, Commerce, and More

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Patreon Launches New Features, Redesigned App, and Brand Identity

Patreon announced on Wednesday that it is launching new features, a redesigned app, and a new brand identity. According to the company, these changes aim to offer creators more options and expand Patreon beyond being just a paid membership platform.

Chat Feature for Creators and Fans

One significant update is the rollout of a chat feature similar to Discord. This feature allows creators to have group conversations with their fans outside of direct messages and comments. Patreon wants to encourage users to discuss exclusive content on its platform instead of other social media platforms like Twitter or TikTok. The chat feature was initially available to select creators but will now be accessible to every creator on Patreon.

New “Commerce” Feature

Patreon has also fully rolled out a feature called “Commerce,” which enables creators to sell individual digital goods and offer free subscriptions. With this feature, creators can sell videos, audio files, and downloadable content to anyone, even those who are not subscribers.

Free Membership Communities

In addition, creators can now allow people to join their communities for free while still offering exclusive content behind a paywall. Creators have the flexibility to choose which perks they want to offer for each tier of membership. Offering free memberships can serve as a way to reach all their biggest fans at once and potentially encourage them to make monthly pledges.

Image Credits: Patreon

Member Profiles and Privacy Concerns

The blog post also addresses member profiles, which showcase user bios, profile pictures, and links to social media accounts. According to Patreon’s updated privacy policy, these profiles may include public information about purchased items and membership tiers. Some users have expressed concerns about the default visibility of this information. However, a spokesperson for Patreon clarified that users can opt out and disable their member profiles in their settings.

Redesigned App

The redesigned app will feature an updated home feed with posts organized by creator instead of individual posts. This change aims to provide users with a more streamlined experience when accessing content from their favorite creators.

New Brand Identity

As part of its reimagined brand, Patreon is unveiling a new logo, wordmark, typography, color scheme, and photography style. These updates reflect Patreon’s commitment to adapt to the dynamic creative landscape of today’s digital world.

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