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Reducing Dementia Risk After 50 with Internet Use

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Warren Henry
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Scientists at New York University have announced that regular use of the Internet reduces the risk of dementia in older people.

Journal notes of American Geriatric Society, more than 18,000 adults without dementia aged 50-64.5 years participated in this study. During the study period, 4.68 percent of them were diagnosed with dementia.

And it became clear to the researchers that regular use of the Internet reduced the risk of developing dementia compared to its occasional (occasional) use by 50 percent. And this connection is constant regardless of the level of education, race, gender and generation. And for those who used the Internet for at least 6-12 minutes a day, dementia was less likely.

According to them: “Online communication can promote the development of cognitive reserve, which, in turn, can compensate for brain aging and reduce the risk of dementia.”

The researchers also note that excessive Internet use has negative side effects, which they will try to identify in future studies.

Source: Gazeta.Ru

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