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Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry Through Innovation

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Warren Henry
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Toiletry bags could become much lighter after researchers created a “dry” moisturizer in a confetti-like tablet.

The small sachet contains a flat circle of substance about the size of a pound coin. The product is made of thin paper-like material and only a drop of water is needed to moisten it because the product is mostly water.

A process called electrospinning was used to remove oil and water. This means that the humidifier can be placed in a tub with a diameter of about 3 cm for a month.

And the product would not need preservatives if it was created in such a dry form.

Professor Sheng Qi, who prototyped the moisturizer at the University of East Anglia, said the technology could be used for sunscreens, shampoos and conditioners, among other potential uses.

She said: “This moisturizer can be carried in a small paper bag, as if you were carrying a mint scent in your bag. It only takes one drop of water to rehydrate. Most cosmetics and toiletries contain up to 95% water, resulting in up to ‘heavy units’. in terms of volume and bulky packaging.Each year, 120 billion units of cosmetics and toiletries are packaged and shipped worldwide, so the industry has a huge carbon footprint.”

The researcher said: “Unlike other waterless beauty products currently available, the technology used to dry the moisturizer does not involve heat, meaning that proteins, peptides and other ‘sensitive’ ingredients remain well preserved.

And since the water is squeezed out of the humidifier, there is no need for chemical preservatives, because without water there is less risk of moisture-loving bacteria growing.

The researchers originally created the product for drug delivery, but found that it could be useful for cosmetic products.

Source: Daily Mail

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