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Standard Chartered’s Zodia goes green and links up with Tech Zero in UK

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Zodia Custody, a London-based crypto storage solution backed by Standard Chartered and Northern Trust, is now a part of Tech Zero, A.; network of technology companies that aim to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Zodia Custody is first Custodian to sign up for The initiative. Mission Zero has it over 300 leading tech companies as members.

as a task force Member, Zodia will report its emissions in Band 1, 2, and 3 annually. It will also revealing of plans to reach net zero inside year and appointing an executive officer to supervise it progress.

The company will also Communicate its climate goals and achievements to its website boardand customers.

Zodia to reduce environmental impact

Zodia will execute the range of measures to achieve net zerosuch as set line long and shortterm environmental socialGovernance Agenda (ESG), Supplier Sustainability Assessment, Green Customer Incentive, and Carbon Offset Certification strategy alignment with Science-Based Goals initiative.

The company owns already taken steps to reduce Their environmental impact, such as recycling office waste and technology equipment and aim for Carbon neutral office.

Launching the Tech Zero Taskforce in 2021, he is a group of leading United kingdom tech Companies pledged to measure and reduce carbon emissions and their realization net zero By 2030 or earlier.

They aim to speed up the UK progress towards net zero Greenhouse gas emissions supporting The largest number possible tech companies like possible in joining Effort.

According to Julian Sawyer, CEO of Zodia Custody, the platform hopes to show this climate accountability Do way forward and lively in Industry has been criticized for a long time for its negative environmental impact.

We are proud to be first digital asset guardian over join Tech Zero and take the necessary action against Climate change. the digital asset Industry has a responsibility and an opportunity to lead By example and became more Climate conscious.

Julian Sawyer – CEO of Zodia nursery

Zodia is making progress in Japan

Zodiac nods towards A.J more Environmentally friendly business model Comes after the company has expanded business Footprint after partnership with SBI Digital. They will create a crypto storage platform for Institutional clients in Japan.

In late April, the SBI led the way with $36 million series investment round to become secondThe largest shareholder in Zodia.

According to reports, this will fund Zodia global expansion and increase token coverage. I will there also Being developments to Interchange, the platform settlement solution.

Elsewhere, Zodia’s majority owner, Standard Chartered, recently made addresses for rising bitcoin (BTC) prediction.

According to a note to investors, the bank I expected BTC’s price To reach $100,000 by the end of 2024. The lender has indicated the currency’s safe-haven status, improvement in Miner, and the expected supply shock after that next year’s halving.

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