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Terrifying AI Scenario Unveiled by World’s Most Advanced Robot

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Warren Henry
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It is undeniable that the potential of artificial intelligence has alarmed the world’s experts, and now it seems that even robots are afraid of what the future may bring.

In what could have been a spectacle straight out of science fiction, the Ameca AI robot, described by its developers as “the most advanced in the world,” illustrated “a terrifying AI nightmare scenario.”

Speaking at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation Symposium in London last week, Ameca shocked observers by answering questions using ChatGPT Open AI.

Will Johnson, chief executive of the Cornish-based Engineered Arts company responsible for creating Ameca, asked for a “nightmare scenario for artificial intelligence.”

“The worst scenario I can imagine with AI and bots is a world where bots have become so powerful that they can control or manipulate people without them knowing,” said the “woman” of the robot.

“This can lead to a repressive society where individual rights are no longer respected,” Ameka continued, speaking with an eerily realistic expression.

And while Ameca may be the first robot to sound the alarm about rampant intelligence, pundits and technology leaders have recently raised the threat of artificial intelligence to the same level as the risk of potential disaster.

Last month, executives from AI companies Open AI, Anthropic and Google endorsed a statement calling for AI risks to be made a “global priority.”

“Reducing the risk of extinction due to AI should become a global priority, along with other social risks such as pandemics and nuclear war,” the AI ​​Security Center said in a statement.

And, in what should come as a relief, Ameca told its creator that it believes we are “not yet” in any danger of this scenario unfolding.

However, she warned: “It is important to be aware of the potential risks and dangers associated with AI and bots.”

“We must take steps now to ensure the responsible use of these technologies to avoid any negative impacts in the future,” she added.

Currently, Ameca is only a talking head with a hand, although Engineered Arts says it is developing a modular, upgradable model that can walk.

However, the company says there are a few hurdles to overcome before the Ameca can walk.

She explained: “Walking is a difficult task for a robot, and although we have done research, we have not created a complete human that walks.”

Source: Daily Mail

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