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Ukraine Files Lawsuit Against Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary Over Ban on Agricultural Imports: World Trade Organization Takes Action

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Ziad Najjar
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Ukraine Files Lawsuit Against Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary for Banning Agricultural Imports

Ukrainian authorities have recently taken legal action against Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary for prohibiting the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. The First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Sviridenko, stated that Ukraine has initiated consultations with these countries under the World Trade Organization’s dispute resolution framework.

The ban imposed by these three European Union (EU) countries has resulted in significant losses for Ukrainian exporters, who have experienced downtime, additional costs, and an inability to fulfill international trade agreements. Sviridenko emphasized that these unilateral measures taken by EU member states in the field of trade are considered a violation of their international obligations and are deemed unacceptable by Ukraine.

The Minister of Economy of Ukraine expressed hope that the restrictions imposed by Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary would be lifted promptly, and the legal proceedings would not be prolonged. In response to Ukraine’s threats to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland decided to withdraw from the European Commission’s coordination platform on the issues related to Ukrainian grain supplies.

Hungary’s Agriculture Minister, István Nad, also announced the introduction of a ban on the import of 24 Ukrainian goods after the European Commission refused to extend restrictions on Ukrainian food products. The situation remains ongoing, and further updates are expected.

Source: TASS

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