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Unique gold coin treasure discovered in Crimea’s eastern region

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Archaeologists have found a treasure of 30 gold coins from the era of Alexander the Great.

And this was during the excavations of the settlement (Marmaki), which was part of the Bosporan kingdom, located in the modern Kerch region in the east of the Russian Crimea. This was stated by the director of the Museum of the Eastern Crimea Tatyana Umrikhina in an interview with the Novosti agency.

She said: “During the excavations, Russian archaeologists found a treasure trove of 30 gold coins, which were placed in a small earthenware jar. Among them were 26 coins of the era of Alexander the Great and 4 coins belonging to his brother Philip III Arridius. who inherited the throne. And all of the coins are a mixture of gold and silver, and each weighs about 8.5 grams, and is in excellent condition. Nika, and in her hands is a ship’s mast and a wreath of flowers. .

Archaeologists made this find on August 20, 2022, and the treasure was transferred to the museum’s gold storage, and its study continues. It is noteworthy that on August 20, 2003, a treasure was found in the city (Kizik), consisting of 99 coins made of gold and silver alloys, and it is the largest treasure of these coins in the Northern Black Sea region.

The context of the discovery indicates that the treasure was made in a house in the city in the last two decades of the fourth century BC. The discovery of such a treasure could be considered unique, since earlier such coins were very rare. This find was the largest hoard of early coins in the Bosporus kingdom. The discovery was made by the Hermitage archaeological expedition led by researcher Alexei Potyagin.

The director of the Museum of the Eastern Crimea indicated that last year’s excavations in the Kerch region led to the renewal of the museum’s collection of artifacts by 3,500 pieces, knowing that now more than 300,000 exhibits are stored there.

It is noteworthy that (Marmaki) is an ancient city founded by the Greeks in the middle of the sixth century BC on the banks of the Kerch Strait, and the city was part of the Bosporus kingdom.

One of the best finds of archaeologists at the Myrmik settlement is the Myrmik sarcophagus, a marble sarcophagus with inscriptions dating back to the 2nd century BC, discovered in 1834. This is the largest and most artistically interesting sarcophagus in the Northern Black Sea region.

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