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Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr derby makes a shocking comeback, all thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo.

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According to press reports, there are demands for a rematch between Al Hilal and Al Sarr in the Riyadh Derby in Saudi Arabia’s Roshan League due to Cristiano Ronaldo It took place on Tuesday evening.

And Al-Hilal achieved victory over Al-Nasr with two unanswered goals in a match that took place between them in the 25th round of the competition, in the competition Dori Roshan Saudi professionals 2022-2023.

Al-Zaim raised his total to 49 points, finishing fourth in the Saudi League Roshen rankings, 4 points behind second-placed Al-Alami.

Cristiano Ronaldo raises crisis in Al-Hilal-Al-Nasr derby

And sports lawyer Ahmed Al-Amir said that video technology “VAR” made a fatal mistake in the derby. “Canceling” Ronaldo’s goal.

And the prince said through his official Twitter account that the “fallen line” is by hand, in cases of penetration; Drawn from the area separating the shoulder from the arm, and it was considered that the number “Var” in the derby “Al-Hilal” and “An-Nasr” incorrectly drew the offside lines with Ronaldo’s “annulled” goal.

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