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Al-Ittihad’s defeat to Al-Taawon impacts Saudi Roshan league deal

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Al Joule brings you the Saudi League Roshan standings after Al Ittihad lost to Al Taawun at exactly 7pm Cairo time today and the match ended with Al Taawun winning two goals to one.

The score was opened in favor of Fahd Al-Rashidi’s Al-Taawun at the (17th) minute, Fahd Al-Rashidi sealed his team’s victory with a second goal at the (67th) minute.

The score was reduced in favor of the “Tigers” Abdel Razek Hamdallah on a minute (76).

In the following lines, we recall the standings of the Saudi League after the defeat from Al-Taawun.

1- Ittihad Jeddah is in first place with 59 points.

2- Al-Nasr is in second place with 56 points.

3- Al Shabab is in third place with 50 points.

4- Al-Hilal is in fourth place with 49 points.

5- Al Taawun is in fifth place with 40 points.

6- Al Fateh is in sixth place with 39 points.

7- Al Tayeh is in seventh place with 34 points.

8- Al-Ettifak is in eighth place with 30 points.

9- Abha is in ninth place with 30 points.

10- Dhamak in tenth place with 29 points,

11- Al Raed is in eleventh place with 29 points.

12- Al-Faihaa in twelfth place with 25 points.

13- Al Wehda is in thirteenth place with 23 points.

14- Gulf is in fourteenth place with 23 points.

15- Al-Adala is in fifteenth place with 21 points.

16- Al-Batin is in sixteenth place with 15 points.

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