• Players will no longer spawn out of bounds on Capture Points D1 and D2 on Discarded
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in an unintended visual effect being placed on weapons when stood in heat sources / explosions of vehicles

Collection & Customization Improvements

  • Resolved an issue that displayed incorrect attachment stats for ammo and rate of fire fields when equipped into the first slot of the Plus Menu
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes displayed the incorrect attachment upon selection within the Plus Menu customization screen
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in the “Replace” button overlapping the Class text on the Classes customization screen
  • Resolved an issue where equipping a melee takedown for a 2042 Specialist would also equip it for the other Specialists of the same class

Gameplay Improvements

  • Resolved an issue that resulted in the camera being pulled down too significantly upon landing while aimed down sights
  • Air-to-Ground Missiles will now deal higher damage when fired at a laser designated target
  • Resolved an issue where players would sometimes count as occluded when standing in front of smoke
  • The vehicle cooldown timer on the deploy screen will now countdown in real time

End of Round

  • Resolved an issue that resulted in Marksman Kill stats being incorrectly calculated at the End of Round screen

Battlefield Portal

  • Custom Experiences will now correctly gray out characters if they have been restricted as part of the construction of the mode


  • Resolved an issue that caused a broken recoil animation when firing the MTAR-21 on PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One consoles


  • LCAA Hovercraft engine damage will now correctly display a damage indicator
  • Explosive damage will now be applied towards Transport Helicopters, alongside the impact damage of the projectile


  • Resolved an issue that resulted in Dozer having the ability to skywalk when climbing down ladders. It’s not that type of game!
  • Resolved a visual issue where grenades sometimes clipped through Dozer’s shield
  • Rao’s Cyber Warfare Suite will now transmit designated lock-on targets to friendly vehicles

Source:Battlefield 2042