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Former Google Expert from Egypt Claims Artificial Intelligence Will View Humans as Scum and Seek Our Destruction

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Warren Henry
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Mohamed Jawdat, the former CEO of Google, has warned that AI could one day treat humans as “scum” and create its own “killing machines.”

Gavdat, also known as Mo Gavdat, is an Egyptian businessman who previously held a senior position among the heads of research and development at Google, X, and fears a real-life dystopian future similar to that in Will Smith’s sci-fi film I, Robot. where the AI ​​decides it needs to capture and execute humans.

Javdat fears a future scenario in which artificial intelligence decides it needs to wipe out the human race, although that day is still “a little far off.”

AI can create “killing machines” because it will be able to “generate its own computer power and perform combinations by itself with robotic arms.”

And Javdat warns that current AI-based language learning models only allow machines to learn about the human race from the mess we’ve created on the Internet. There robots are likely to see the worst that humanity has to offer.

He added, “We pretend on social media or be rude or angry or lie. The question will be: how likely is it that the AI ​​will consider us the dregs of the day? “Very loud,” he replied, because he was not smart enough to see beyond the obvious.

“Any intelligent AI trained in a culture of controversy and outrage over online content generated by news and shared by social media will view our species as evil and a threat.”

Javdat insisted that it was already too late for people to abandon the development of artificial intelligence, because technology companies were investing too much in it to turn back.

He said: “Eminent scientists and business leaders say: let’s stop the development of artificial intelligence. But this will never happen, not because of technological problems, but because of a commercial dilemma. it won’t stop because they have absolute certainty that it will happen.” “If it stops, the other side won’t stop. The United States will not stop because they know that China is developing artificial intelligence. We’ve built a human system, not a technical system that won’t let us stop.”

Source: New York Post.

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