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Guterres sounds the alarm: some countries will disappear from the face of the earth, and we will witness mass migration!

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Ziad Najjar
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UN Secretary-General António Guterres has warned that an increase in the rate of sea level rise threatens to displace and wipe some countries off the face of the earth.

Guterres said on Tuesday that the climate crisis has caused sea levels to rise faster than 3,000 years ago, causing an “avalanche of problems” for nearly a billion people from London to Los Angeles and Bangkok to Buenos Aires. Pointing out that some countries may disappear and go under water.

Addressing the UN Security Council, Guterres made it clear that there is a need to cut carbon emissions, address issues such as poverty, which exacerbate the impact of rising sea levels on society, and develop new international laws to protect those left homeless and even stateless. .

He said sea level rise is a threat multiplier that, while damaging lives, economies and infrastructure, has “catastrophic consequences” for global peace and security.

The UN Secretary General noted that a significant rise in sea levels is already inevitable at current levels of global warming, but the consequences of not solving the problem are “unimaginable”.

“Low societies and entire countries may disappear forever. We will see a mass exodus of the population of entire countries. We will see fierce competition for fresh water, land and other resources. Human rights will not disappear because their homes will disappear. Yes, which means international refugee law” .

Source: The Guardian

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