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How will the ChatGPT bot be designed?

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The image collection gives an idea of ​​what ChatGPT would look like if its creators made a physical copy of their hugely popular AI.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has invested in 1X, a company that produces humanoid bots designed to perform human duties following the success of an online chatbot.

The robot, called EVE, has arms that can pick up items, pack and unpack boxes, and is designed to work alongside humans.

ChatGPT EVE robot looks like

– Business Today (@business_today) April 20, 2023

Startup fund OpenAI has led an investment round that has raised $23.5 million for the 1X robot, due to hit the market this summer.

The investment is fueled by OpenAI’s competition with Elon Musk’s Tesla robot, which has yet to enter production.

“1X is at the forefront of increasing employment through the use of safe and advanced robotics technologies. The OpenAI Startup Foundation believes in the approach and impact that 1X can have on the future of work,” Brad Lightcap, OpenAI COO and Director of OpenAI. Startup Fund, the report says.

1X intends to use the funds to expand production of the first commercially available Android EVE in Norway and North America, as well as to create another bipedal android, NEO.

EVE is designed to gently move and manipulate objects, interact with people, and perform repetitive tasks.

It is controlled using virtual reality, where the operator of the robot in the control center looks through the “eyes” of the Android camera.

The company is currently hiring AI experts, according to a recruitment page that reads, “If you’re smart and pretty and want to build Android devices, join us.”

Many experts believe that big language paradigms like ChatGPT will change how we use and interact with bots.

Speaking to DailyMail, Georg Strakhov, director of strategy for advertising company DDB EMEA, said: “Generative AI will completely change the two problems we now face with bots – stupidity and not always understanding what we want.”

And large language paradigms (like GPT-4) excel at complex reasoning. So when bots work for LLM, they will be able to act more dynamically, react to environmental changes, plan ahead, and so on.

And Strakhov believes that in the future we will control robots simply by talking to them.

Source: Daily Mail

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