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Latest developments in the injured Tri-Nasr before the meeting with Al-Batin

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Today, Monday, the Saudi press reported on the latest developments regarding the injured leader’s trio in preparation for the first football team at Al-Nasr Club.

Al-Nasr is preparing to face his counterpart from Al-Batin at the Marsul Park stadium next Friday, corresponding to March 3, as part of the 19th round of the Saudi Arabian Championship Droy Roshan.

Al-Nasr is at the top of the Saudi League Roshen table with 43 points from 18 matches played, with 13 wins, 4 draws and one defeat.

Latest developments in the injured Tri-Nasr before the meeting with Al-Batin

The Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadia revealed the position of Argentinean Betty Martinez, Ayman Yahya and Abdul Rahman Gharib, a trio of winners who suffered injuries.

And the athlete confirmed that Betty Martinez will undergo a thorough medical examination this week by international surgeon Ramon Cugat in Barcelona before making any decision regarding his surgery.

Medical examinations previously confirmed that Betty Martinez in Riyadh had a complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee a few days ago.

And she continued, as for Ayman Yahya, a player of Al-Nasr, he had an x-ray of his knee and back muscles and is waiting for his results so that a treatment and rehabilitation program can be developed for him before his return. to learning.

The result of the checkup that Abdul Rahman Gharib underwent also showed the integrity of his foot joint after he was injured in front of Damak last Saturday in the eighteenth round of the Saudi League Roshan.

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