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Rayo Vallecano’s Upset Victory Shakes Up La Liga Standings, Barcelona Loses Ground

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Palljoule brings you the La Liga standings after Barcelona lost to Vallecano tonight, with four matches on Wednesday night.

The start was made with a match between Getafe and Almeria, which ended with the victory of the second over the first with a score of two goals: one.

Whereas Atletico Madrid managed to snatch victory from Real Mallorca with three goals to one goal.

Rayo Vallecano scored a valuable victory over Al Bluhrna, scoring two goals against one scorer.

Celta Vigo also managed to score three points by beating Elche with a clean goal.

In the following lines, we show you the La Liga standings after Barcelona’s defeat.

1- Barcelonathirty76
2- Real Madrid3165
3- Atletico Madridthirty60
4- Real Sociedad3155
5- Real Betis3149
6- Villarrealthirty47
7- Athletic Bilbaothirty46
8- Osasuna3144
9- Girona3141
10- Rayo Vallecanothirty40
11- Real Mallorcathirty40
12- Sevillethirty38
13- Celta Vigothirty36
14- Valladolidthirty35
15- Kadesh3132
16- Getafethirty31
17- Almeriathirtythirty
18- Valenciathirtythirty
19- Espanyolthirty28
20- Elchethirty13

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