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Stranger Things Fans Disappointed on Eddie’s Return Chances

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Fans of the show still want him to come back, but Joseph Quinn has a disappointing answer about Eddie’s return to Stranger Things. Quinn’s first role on the show was as Eddie Munson, the leader of the Hellfire Club, a Hawkins High Dungeons & Dragons group. After the murder of cheerleading captain Chrissy Cunningham by season villain Vecna, Eddie becomes the town’s outcast. Stranger Things fans thought Eddie was a hero when he gave his life so Dustin could escape the Upside Down. He went from being a coward to a hero.

As the show’s last season gets closer to being made, Joseph Quinn went to London Comic-Con to talk about season 4 of Stranger Things (via Metro). When asked about Eddie’s chances of returning in season 5, the actor gave fans a disappointing answer. He said he would “love” to return, but it was unlikely.

Why Eddie’s Return Shouldn’t Happen

Before Stranger Things season 4, part 2, it looked like Eddie would die. The show has a history of killing off beloved supporting characters, and it was hard to convince Hawkins that Eddie was innocent. Even so, people were saddened by his death because Quinn had great chemistry with Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery. This led to calls for him to come back in Stranger Things season 5 and theories that he would have to be changed into a Vecna lackey for this to happen.

This is Quinn’s first time talking about Eddie being back on Stranger Things, though other people have talked about it. Maya Hawke had said before that she understood why show fans wanted Eddie to come back, but she also said that it would get annoying if the show kept bringing back characters who seemed to be dead. Producer Shawn Levy has also been clear about why Eddie can’t return. He says he and the rest of the creative team were obsessed with Eddie, but it’s “highly unlikely” that he could return.

Even though people are excited about the idea of bringing Eddie back to Stranger Things would be bad for both the show and the character. Millie Bobby Brown famously said that the show didn’t kill off enough characters. In response, the Duffer Brothers said that the show wasn’t Game of Thrones and that they couldn’t just kill off everyone. Most people agreed with Brown, though, and thought that the fact that both Hopper and Max lived through seasons 3 and 4 made the show less interesting. One can only hope the Duffer brothers stay true to themselves as they start filming Stranger Things season 5 in June.

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