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The future of the team’s star hinges on Barcelona’s summer decision

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Press sources have said that Barcelona, ​​Spain have decided the fate of the first team star before the start of the next summer transfer period.

The Catalan club is in the lead in the standings. La Liga This season, he scored 82 points, 14 points ahead of his main rival – Real Madrid.

Barcelona will decide the fate of the team’s star in the summer

According to press reports, the management of the Catalan club decided the fate of Frank Kesse, a player of the first team, even before the start of the next summer transfer period.

In the same context, the Tottenham Hotspur club filed a request with the administration of Barça to find out the price of the sale of Kissi, and the latter replied that the sale of the player would exceed 25 million euros, because of which the negotiations failed. time.

And the Catalan newspapers had previously announced at the start of the season that the club had agreed on a sale price for Kissi of 20 million euros, but now the price has risen to over 30 million as the end of the season approaches. especially after the genius of the player in the last period.

So far, there are no signs that Barça are neglecting the player, whether by staying with the team or benefiting financially from him if he is sold, despite the fact that the club receives his services for free.

Moreover, Kesse is ready to continue within the walls of the Catalan club, which hinders Tottenham’s attempts to sign him.

Coach Xavi Hernandez has already noted the big role that Kessy is playing in the team this season, especially after Pedri’s injury, and Kessy’s talent, which is welcomed by the coaching staff.

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