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Walid Suleiman makes a sharp statement about the crisis between him and Imam Ashur.

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resign Walid Soliman, Former player of the Al Ahly club at the end of last season after an 11-year journey in a red genie shirt.

And Zafar Walid Suleiman with Al Ahli With six Egyptian League titles, two Egyptian Cup titles and five local Super Cup titles, he has also won the African Super Cup four times, the Confederation Cup once and the African Champions League four times.

Walid Soliman

Al-Khawi was a guest on the DMC channel during which he made several high-profile statements and also talked about the crisis that occurred between him and Imam Ashur and the difference between the current generation of players in Al-Ahly and the previous golden generation.

Walid Suleiman makes a fiery statement about the crisis between him and Imam Ashur.

Walid Suleiman stated, “The comparison between the current generation and the golden generation is unfair because the golden generation will not repeat itself and I learned a lot from him and it was an honor to play with him and there are differences in everything. ”

And he continued: “Social media is putting a lot of pressure on this generation because no matter how hard you try to get only good things, in the end you will be criticized and attacked. When they suddenly find a full number of fans with the Egyptian national of the team, it will certainly be difficult and will create a lot of pressure, and they will not be able to reach their full potential.”

Walid Soliman

And he continued: “Currently, if there was a match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, for example, Al-Ahly won, and a Zamalek player wanted to get close to one of the Al-Ahly players, you find the fans blaming him. and vice versa: Al-Ahli and Zamalek players used to live in the same room, but now there is fear of blaming the fans.”

And Walid Suleiman added: “What happened to Imam Ashur is just a situation and it’s over. After all, we are football colleagues and brothers and we meet in the Egyptian national team. He apologizes and it’s over.”

Al-Hawi stressed: “What happened during the incident in Port Said came as a shock, because we have lost many of those who love us, and the fans are the only element that does not benefit from football, but only watches it. because she loves him, so when I found out about the air defense incident, it was difficult, and I think that if someone in Makani makes the same decision to stop his wedding.”

Walid Suleiman concluded: “I can’t celebrate my wedding with my family and there are people who have passed away just like I’ve seen before and I thank my wife’s family who made this decision.”

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