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What Could Be Next for Mohamed Salah If He Departs Liverpool in 2023?

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It looks like Egyptian star Mohamed Salah’s page with his current Liverpool team is about to fill up, which is why Al-Masri has set his next destination if he leaves Liverpool in the summer of 2023.

The Egyptian pharaoh signed a new contract with the Reds last summer, extending through the summer of 2025, but many reports indicated he would leave at the end of the current season.

Spanish club Real Madrid knocked rivals Liverpool out of the European Champions League in the sixteenth round after losing a total of two matches (6-2) to the defending champions.

Mohamed Salah has identified his next destination if he leaves Liverpool in the summer of 2023

And press sources have revealed Salah’s next destination if he leaves Liverpool after a string of accomplishments added by the Egyptian star to the English side.

And sources have said Mohamed Salah is open to leaving Liverpool next summer, showing he will move to the Spanish league, according to the player’s favorite direction.

It is worth noting that if he moves to the Spanish league, he will play for one of the clubs (Santi Una, Fut Mercato).

Thus, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah is coming to an end, as happened to Senegalese striker Sadio Mane, who left last summer.

In addition, Brazilian player Roberto Firmino has been confirmed to leave the team next summer when his contract ends.

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