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Ahmed Al-Saleh Receives Life Ban Following Suspension From Syrian Football

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On Tuesday, the Syrian Football Association announced that international defender Ahmed Al-Saleh has been suspended for life after he attacked and spat at the referee of his team’s match against Al-Watba in the Syrian League.

According to a circular from the Syrian Football Association Disciplinary Committee, the player’s suspension is subject to appeal and is not final.

Al-Saleh was fined 1,500,000 Syrian pounds ($200) by the Syrian Federation.

The disciplinary committee has also proposed that the player be completely expelled from the Syrian Football Association, meaning that he will be banned from any sporting activity related to the game if such a penalty is applied against him.

Al Saleh attacked the match referee Al Jaish and Al Watba at the end of the first match of the Syrian League which ended in a 1–0 victory for Al Watba.

The Syrian Football Federation has banned international player Ahmed Al Saleh, who previously represented Al Arabi Al Kuwait, for life due to his “outrageous behaviour”.

– With the imposition of a fine of one million 500 thousand Syrian

– Goalna (@Goalna) March 7, 2023

And in the video of the match, Al-Saleh rushed at the referee to hit him with his whole body, and the referee kicked him out, but the player kicked him more than once, despite the attempts of other players to prevent him from reaching the referee.

Al-Saleh started his professional career with Al Jaish in the Syrian League and joined the Syrian national team in 2008. He is considered one of the brightest representatives of the golden generation of the Syrian national team that played the qualifying match. at the 2018 World Cup Russia vs Australia.

Source: agencies

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