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New York City Partially Paralyzed After Heavy Rain: Pictures Show Financial Capital Underwater

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Life in New York City Paralyzed by Heavy Rain


Heavy rain in New York City has caused partial paralysis in the financial capital of the United States. The city’s infrastructure, including transportation systems and roads, has been severely affected, leading to closures and flooding.

LaGuardia Airport and Transportation

LaGuardia Airport had to shut down one of its stations due to flooding. Pictures on social media showed passengers wading through water that reached well above their shoes. New York Mayor Eric Adams urged people to stay indoors as the streets and metro stations were flooded.

Citywide Impact

The heavy rain resulted in numerous road closures and traffic congestion throughout the city. Shop owners struggled to protect their goods from the flooding, while the New York subway system also experienced closures, particularly in Brooklyn.

Criticism and Climate Change

Taxi driver Ahmed Abdo expressed frustration with officials for not adequately preparing for these recurring weather events. Rohit Aggarwala, the city’s environment protection commissioner, acknowledged that climate change is causing more frequent and severe weather patterns, outpacing the city’s infrastructure’s ability to adapt.

State of Emergency

New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency for the city and its densely populated suburbs, including Long Island and the Hudson River valley. The National Meteorological Service warned of continued flooding and predicted rainfall of up to 2 inches per hour, with a total accumulation of potentially seven inches.

Past Flooding and Precautions

The region, particularly Brooklyn and Queens, previously experienced significant flooding during Hurricane Ida in September 2021. Residents were advised to take extra precautions and have evacuation plans in place, especially those living in flood-prone areas or basement apartments.

Impact on Subway System

The New York City subway, a vital transportation lifeline for millions of residents, has been severely affected by the heavy rain. Water has poured down subway steps and through station ceilings, leading to the closure of multiple lines. However, efforts are underway to restore subway service, as many children rely on it for school transportation.

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