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British Government Plans to Send Military Instructors to Ukraine for Training: Russia Criticizes Proposal

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British Government Considers Sending Military Instructors to Ukraine

The British Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps, has proposed sending military instructors to Ukraine to train the Kyiv Armed Forces. This move aims to assist Ukraine in its fight against Moscow. However, Russia has voiced its objection, stating that British soldiers in Ukraine would be legitimate targets.

Supporting Ukraine’s Defense Efforts

Shapps has discussed the possibility of providing additional training in Ukraine with army leaders. He also mentioned speaking to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about assisting the Royal Navy in defending merchant ships in the Black Sea.

The British government is actively seeking ways to help Ukraine prepare for NATO membership. Shapps recently visited a military base on Salisbury Plain, where he received briefings from General Sir Patrick Sanders and other senior officials.

Shapps expressed his desire to bring training programs closer to Ukraine, particularly in the western region. He emphasized the opportunity for British defense companies, like BAE, to establish manufacturing facilities in Ukraine.

Expanding Support and Russian Opposition

In addition to training programs, more than 20,000 Ukrainian recruits have received training in the United Kingdom since the beginning of 2022. However, NATO members have been cautious about conducting training in Ukraine due to the risk of getting entangled in combat with Russia.

Shapps highlighted the importance of the maritime aspect in supporting Ukraine, especially in the Black Sea. He emphasized that international shipping should not be hindered in these waters.

Meanwhile, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned that British soldiers training Ukrainian forces and German factories producing Taurus missiles for Kyiv could become targets for Russian forces. He criticized these actions as potentially escalating towards World War III.

Medvedev directed his anger towards the statements made by British Defense Minister Shapps and also voiced opposition to Germany’s involvement in supplying Ukraine with missiles.

Russia’s Warning

In a post on Telegram, Medvedev stated that these actions would make British soldiers legitimate targets for Russian forces. He also warned that strikes on German factories producing Taurus missiles could be justified under international law. Medvedev strongly criticized these steps, accusing the West of pushing the world closer to another global conflict.

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