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The Threat of NATO: North Korea Views the US, Japan, and South Korea Alliance as a Cancer in International Order

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North Korea’s View on NATO as a Threat to International Order


North Korea perceives NATO, the informal military alliance consisting of the United States, Japan, and South Korea, as a malignant force that endangers global stability.

North Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister’s Statement

According to a statement released by the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister Im Chun-il expressed that the trilateral military alliance between the United States, Japan, and South Korea signifies hostile intentions towards North Korea and its neighboring countries. He described the alliance as a threat to international order, specifically mentioning the situation in Ukraine as a cancer that undermines the principles of the United Nations Charter.

The United States-led Alliances

Im Chun-il further highlighted that alliances led by the United States have become increasingly dangerous, displaying an aggressive and chauvinistic nature that perpetually jeopardizes the security and sovereignty of nations. He emphasized the significance of the relationship between North Korea and Russia as an insurmountable bulwark and strategic support against military threats, tyranny, and imperialist interference.

Strengthening Relations between Russia and North Korea

The Vice Foreign Minister also emphasized that the relationship between Russia and North Korea has reached a new level of development, and the United States’ display of vicious hatred towards this alliance demonstrates their lack of intelligence and strength.



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