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Japan’s Ministry of Health Recommends Limiting Cough Medicine Prescription Amid Shortage: Coronavirus and Influenza Cases Surge

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Japan’s Ministry of Health Recommends Limiting Prescription of Cough Medicines


Japan’s Ministry of Health has advised medical institutions to restrict the prescription of cough medicines due to the shortage of these medications in the country. This recommendation comes despite the increasing cases of coronavirus and influenza.

Rising Infections

According to NHK, coronavirus infections have been consistently increasing for the third consecutive week, while flu infections have been rising for the fifth consecutive week.

Shortage of Essential Medicines

As a result of the rising infections, several regions in Japan are currently facing a shortage of vital medicines.

Effective Utilization of Limited Medications

To cope with the scarcity of available medications, it has been recommended to make the most efficient use of the limited supply and minimize the duration for which these medicines are taken.


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