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Photo: Lionel Messi receives a special gift from artist George Wassouf

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The famous Syrian artist George Wassouf presented a special gift to the Argentine world football star, Paris Saint-Germain player Messi, through a delegation of his Lebanese fans.

And Al Jadid reported that Messi received at his home in the French capital, Paris, a delegation of his Lebanese fans who brought with them a special gift from the Sultan of Tarab George Wassouf, and signs of happiness were visible on Messi’s face. the person who welcomed the gift.

For his part, George Wassouf posted on his Twitter account two photos of Messi, in which he appeared at the moment of receiving the gift.

Wassouf commented on the photos, saying: “Messi, with love.”

TO #Messi with ❤️#George

– Georges Wassouf (@wassouf) April 15, 2023

Source: “new”

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