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Rudy Garcia’s Pre-Match Preparations for Al-Nasr vs. Al-Ittihad

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Learn about the first decision made by the team coach Saudi victory, french coach Rudy Garcia Before Al-Nasr’s match against Al-Ittihad, as part of the Saudi League competition.

Saudi team Al-Nasr today, Friday, beat their colleague Al-Bateen with a score of 3: 1 as part of the 19th round of the Saudi League Championship.

Saudi victory

The Al-Alami team is scheduled to face their colleague Al-Ittihad next Thursday, March 9, in the Saudi League competition.

Next Thursday, March 9, the King Abdullah International Stadium will host a match between the two teams in the Saudi League competition.

Union - victory

It is expected that the whistle at the beginning of the match, which will bring the two teams together, will sound at exactly 19:30 Cairo time on the grounds of the King Abdullah International Stadium.

Rudy Garcia’s first decision before Al-Nasr vs. Al-Ittihad match

The French coach has decided to give the international stars a day’s rest before returning to training in preparation for the Al Ittihad match next Thursday corresponding to March 9 in the Saudi League competition.

Al-Nasr in trouble after Saudi League renewal decision

Saudi Al-Nasr are leading the Saudi League with 46 points.

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