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Tebas Criticizes European Champions League System, Against Spanish Clubs’ Interests

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Javier Tebas, President of the Spanish League, spoke on Monday about the idea of ​​a model for amending the UEFA Champions League next season.

Tebas advocated changing the Champions League model to one that takes more into account the origin of the competition and applies to more national champions from countries at the expense of fewer major league teams.

In an interview with the newspaper Announcement, Tebas said: “There is a new model for the Champions League in 2024, but it is necessary to start working on a different type of model, a model that attracts the most assets of the European Championship among national champions with champions from all over Europe. The fourth Spaniard in the Champions League narrows the economic gap between teams from the same country.

⚠️ Javier Tebas abogó for the champion model camp and for having more national champions and men in Mismo País

– Mundo Deportivo (@mundodeportivo) May 1, 2023

Tebas indicated that he was already opposed to a fourth team going to the Champions League since the measure was approved, saying: “The clubs that play in the European Championship are making so much income that there is a very big gap with the rest of the clubs. in their own country, and it was not right that in 2016 more places in the Champions League were decided for clubs from the top leagues.

He added: “I myself was against four clubs from Spain that qualified for the Champions League from the start and I represented four clubs from the Spanish league, the German league and the Italian league at the expense of teams from the lower leagues.”

And the President of the League took this opportunity to once again send a signal to the Champions League and its pernicious influence on the national leagues: “They will be destroyed mathematically and economically, the German League, the League and the Dutch League. the national championship does not give you the opportunity to qualify to play in Europe.”

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