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Barcelona Makes Breakthrough in Negrera Corruption Investigation

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Bradley Booth
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Barcelona President Juan Laporta will hold a press conference on April 12 in defense of Barça in the case of José Negrera, during which the club will be charged with sports corruption, according to the Spanish newspaper Sport.

Spanish prosecutors have accused Barcelona of making suspicious payments to the former deputy chairman of the La Liga refereeing committee in order to obtain privileges.

The newspaper indicated that Laporta will also send a message to club members with a strategy he will follow in the coming months to defend himself in court against the prosecutor’s charges.

She explained that Laporta would send another message to the club’s sponsors in order to reassure and protect Barcelona’s innocence.

She added: “The letter will also be sent to official bodies, many of which have joined the cause, such as UEFA, La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation.”

The April 12 press conference coincides with the completion of the internal investigation into the Negrera case.

Source: “Media”

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