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The Communist Party said Rotop had refused to publish the meeting between Putin and Zyuganov

Moscow, February 14 - Rotoby video hosting refused to publish a video of Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with Russian Communist Party leader Gennady...

In Perm, a boy was hospitalized after being electrocuted at a bus stop

PERM, February 14 - Investigators began checking information that the boy was electrocuted at a bus station in Perm, reports the press service of...

Putin spoke about the importance of legislative guarantees for entrepreneurs

Putin: Today, in the context of sanctions aggression, the question arises of a legislative guarantee for entrepreneurs

Cohen and Cavusoglu discussed bilateral relations between Israel and Turkey

Moscow, February 14 - Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said, on Tuesday, that he met in Ankara with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, and...

Roskachestvo will examine gift sets for newborns

Moscow, February 14 - Roskachestvo intends to explore gift sets that are given to young parents as part of the “Gift to a Newborn”...

Urging the United States around the world help for The earthquake hit Turkey and Syria

He called us on countries all over the world to "do everything they can" support the people of Turkey and Syria in getting up...

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