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Georgina could receive a legendary sum if she and Cristiano Ronaldo split up

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According to press reports, Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez will have a huge fortune if she decides to part ways with the famous Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, striker of the Saudi Al-Nasr.

It comes after reports of much tension between the 38-year-old Portuguese star and his Spanish model girlfriend, prompting followers to wonder what would happen if the veteran star decides to break up with Georgina.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” quoted a Portuguese psychologist named Quinton Aris in an interview with the Portuguese program “Noichi Dastreles” (“Night of the Stars”), analyzing the couple’s recent behavior and the results he has achieved, that “Ronaldo and Georgina can separately… Ronaldo’s latest behavior shows that his personal life is not in a moment of happiness.

– H2R (@H2RYEZ) April 24, 2023

According to the Sport Skida website, if Ronaldo decides to part ways with Georgina, Georgina will face a major settlement, as she will receive approximately 35% of the Portuguese star’s total fortune, which is estimated at 350 million euros.

Although there is no stated marital bond between the duo, the length of the relationship between the two parties, which has lasted since 2016, along with having two of Ronaldo’s five children, Georgina, makes her eligible for this huge financial settlement.

Ronaldo and Georgina are not yet married despite their long relationship, and Georgina once stated that she feels she is already married to Ronaldo.

Speaking about her documentary I’m Georgina, which aired on Netflix, the Spanish model said, “I really can’t be more than that. Cristiano and I are married before God, that’s all I care about.” He protects us and keeps us together. Nevertheless, “One day we will have a wedding. I am lucky because dreams can really come true. I appreciate the opportunities that the Lord has given me.”

Source: “Media”

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