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How to Distinguish Tuberculosis from Respiratory Diseases: Insights from Russian General Practitioner, Oksana Pivovarova

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Tuberculosis: How to Differentiate it from Respiratory Diseases


Russian general practitioner Oksana Pivovarova shares insights on how to distinguish tuberculosis from respiratory system diseases.

Identifying Tuberculosis

In an interview with the Russian website, Dr. Pivovarova explains that a constant cough, sweating, and weight loss are the initial indicators of tuberculosis.

She acknowledges that a persistent cough is common in smokers and individuals recovering from flu or colds.

Distinctive Symptoms

The specialist emphasizes that the first signs of tuberculosis include a prolonged cough, increased sweating, and weight loss.

However, she points out that cough and fever can also be present in respiratory diseases. The key difference is that these symptoms persist for about a week, whereas tuberculosis symptoms persist for several months.

Protecting Children

Dr. Pivovarova highlights that children are particularly vulnerable to tuberculosis infection. To safeguard them, mandatory vaccination is administered to newborns in maternity hospitals between the third and seventh day of their lives. This vaccination grants specific immunity, protecting them from severe forms of tuberculosis during their early years.

Tuberculosis: A Widespread Infection

It is worth noting that tuberculosis is an infectious disease that can affect any organ in the human body, although the lungs are most commonly affected.


Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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