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Insight into Egypt’s Players’ Escape and the Cost of Producing an Olympic Champion Revealed by Sports Minister

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Egyptian Youth and Sports Minister Ashraf Sobhi said the Youth and Sports Ministry is resisting the phenomenon of player flight, which is driven by a person living in France, and that it costs $2 million to create an Olympic champion.

Ashraf Sobhi said the Ministry of Youth and Sports communicates regularly with players and their families and has a dossier on each player which indicates that a young player receives a reward of between £10,000 and £15,000 when he wins a championship and the player resides in regularly at the Olympic Center throughout the year free of charge.

Sobhi added in his exclusive speech with journalist Khairy Ramadan on the Cairo Hadith program broadcast on the Cairo and the People screen that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is resisting the flight of the players, and there is a person living in France behind this. , emphasizing that nothing prevents any player from becoming a professional in accordance with the procedures of the Professional Regulations.

And he continued: All our heroes are taken care of, and the ministry is looking for young people in the villages and villages of Egypt and assigns them the title of heroes, emphasizing that youth and sports have achieved achievements in various sports that they have not achieved. before.

The issue of young Egyptian wrestler Ahmed Baghduda’s escape from his team’s mission headquarters in Tunisia, host of the African Championship Wrestling, has sparked controversy on communication sites and in the Egyptian sports community, especially over the lack of incentives and the reason for his move.

The Egyptian wrestler disappeared after winning a silver medal while participating in the African Championships held in Tunisia.

source: cairo24

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