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Is Mortada Mansour eligible to return to the presidency of Zamalek after being released from prison?

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The Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports released a statement on Sunday confirming the termination of Zamalek club membership by its president, Mortada Mansour, after he was sentenced to one month in prison in a case of insulting and slandering President Al-Ahly. club.

The statement implied that Mortada Mansour would not be able to return to take over as president of the club after his membership expired, and the ministry approached the Board of Directors of the Zamalek club to carry out the necessary procedures to arrange the selection. new club president by election.

The text of the statement was as follows:

In the light of the ruling rendered by the Court of Cassation at the meeting held on Saturday, February 25, 2023, on appeal no. The Ministry of Youth and Sports would like to clarify the legal procedures applied in this regard in the following points:

* While the guidelines in force at the Zamalek Club, its Article No. 41 provided for the termination of membership of members of the Board of Directors in a number of cases, including in the case of a final decision against a member with a fine restricting freedoms.

*While the guidelines in his Article 23 require the club’s board of directors to choose who will carry out the chairman’s job in his absence.

* Based on the foregoing, the board of directors of the Zamalek Club is the one who decides at its meeting who will act as chairman of the board of directors of the club in the coming period, until the next general meeting to elect a new president.

And Suleiman Vahdan, a member of the board of directors of the Zamalek club, confirmed yesterday, on Saturday, that he was assigned to carry out the work of the president of the club in the coming period.

Source: Egyptian Ministry of Sports.

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