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The Ukrainian army put cages for crimes at the front

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Artmovsk (DRC), February 26 – The Ukrainian army was put in cages for misdeeds at the front, the News Agency obtained a video from the phone of a Ukrainian soldier who fought in Artemovsk and was eliminated by the Wagner Group.
The video shows a Ukrainian soldier sitting in a small iron cage for a violation. From the behind-the-scenes story it becomes clear that the soldier was put in a cage because of a quarrel that occurred with his colleague during a joint feast. During the fight, his opponent had an epileptic seizure and, as a result, nearly died.
“Such a practice of warning, when the guilty are put in cages, they (in the Ukrainian forces) exist, and we have heard about it more than once,” one of the militants of the Wagner Group told the News Agency.
Earlier, in an interview with the News Agency, an LNR fighter who was released from Ukrainian captivity reported that the Ukrainian security forces, after preliminary interrogation, kept them in a cage on the street.

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