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Mortada Mansour announces the end of the Zamalek winter deal crisis

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Egypt’s Zamalek football club president Mortada Mansour has confirmed that the winter deal crisis for his team is officially over.

On Wednesday, the Egyptian Football Association approved the registration of the trio of Naser Mansi, Ahmed Belhadj and Mahmoud Shaban in the ranks of the Zamalek club, after the latter paid off part of his debts to the federation.

Mortada Mansour said in a video he posted on his YouTube channel: “The crisis has passed, praise God. Zamalek had the right to register players and we received the cards (cards) of Ahmed Belhadj, Nasser Mansi and Mahmoud Shaban.”

He added: “I was present at the Egyptian Football Association today, I have paid all the registration fees and the trio will be on the list for the Tunisian Esperance match scheduled for next Saturday in the group stage. African Champions League competition.

And he continued: “I call on the fans of Zamalek to support the players, as well as support the team and technical staff in an important match against Esperance.”

Source: agencies

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