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The Causes of Tinnitus: Impaired Blood Supply, High Cholesterol, Atrial Fibrillation, and More

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Tinnitus: A Common Problem Affecting Daily Life


Tinnitus can be an ongoing or occasional problem for some people and cause severe discomfort for others by preventing them from concentrating at work, interfering with their daily activities and even sleep.

The Causes of Tinnitus

According to Dr. Sergei Agapkin, impaired blood supply to the brain and abnormal pressure are the cause of 95 percent of cases of tinnitus.

The doctor indicates that the second reason is high cholesterol. Because if the interaction with triglycerides, that is, simple fats that the body receives from plant and animal foods, is disrupted, cholesterol accumulates in the vessels.

Another factor that causes poor circulation in the brain is atrial fibrillation, which results in a heart rhythm disorder characterized by high-frequency electrical impulses that cause circulatory problems.

The presence of a disorder in the cervical spine causes tinnitus, since in this case the thickness of the discs between the vertebrae decreases, which leads to pressure on the vessels responsible for the blood supply to the brain.

Agapkin points out that another reason is diabetes, which affects more than 500 million people in the world. This disease causes disruption of the blood supply.


Source: Vesti. RU

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