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A political solution is necessary for Syria to rejoin the Arab League.

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the original Basis for Suspension of Syria’s membership in the League of Arab States over A decade ago still standing, Qatar prime minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdurahman Al-Thani said in television interview on Thursday.

Al-Thani said that Qatar adheres to its position on normalization with Syria unless there is a political solution to the crisis.

Arab countries are preparing to meet in Saudi Arabia discusses the rehabilitation of Assad.

Riyadh withdrew its ambassador from Damascus in 2011 and the severance of diplomatic relations with The Assad regime follows him deadly oppression on Pro-democracy protests.

But the Syrian regime began to exchange official Visits and contacts with Arabic kit countries in Recent months amid reports of a possible Resumption of Syria membership in The League of Arab States, based in Cairo.

On Friday the nine nations talks in Jeddah, the Red Sea gateway to Mecca, comes after the Syrian foreigners minister receipt on Unannounced visit by – the first since the outbreak of civil war in the country in 2011.

He was one in Wave of events Which was almost unimaginable before Saudi Arabia and Iran, with Chinese mediation announcement on On March 10, they will resume relations, after seven years of acrimonious split.

On Wednesday, an Iranian delegation landed in Saudi Arabia to boot way for Reopen diplomacy missionsafter a Saudi trip team in the opposite direction.

The Saudi ambassador to Yemen held talks with The Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, aimed this week to end the devastating civil war that has raged since it was led by Saudi Arabia military The intervention began in 2015.

Earlier this month, the Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers pledged work Together to achieve “security and stability” for the troubled region during the meeting in Beijing.

and late on Gas-rich Qatar and its small Gulf neighbor agreed Wednesday to restore relations, setting aside a long-running diplomatic dispute.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter, and Iran has been competing for a long time for influence around the region with Yemen is a big battlefield.

But analysts say Saudi Arabia is now trying to calm down region to allow to focus on Local projects that aim to diversify their dependence on energy economy.

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