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Amidst the ongoing conflict, Sudan’s warring factions engage in dialogue

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Fighting between warring parties in Sudan has entered its fourth week on Saturday with air The strikes targeted the Sudanese capital while the army and paramilitary groups were holding talks in Saudi city of grandmother, international Mediators said, as they pressed for The end of a conflict that has claimed hundreds of lives and caused some 100,000 to flee abroad.

The American-Saudi initiative is first Seriously trying to finish three weeks of Fighting over parts of Khartoum entered war zones and derailed an internationally backed plan to take off in civil rule following years of Troubles and uprisings.

Riyadh and Washington welcomed the “pre-negotiation talks” between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, urging them to actively participate in the wake of several ceasefire violations.

But there were early signs that both sides remain Unwilling to make concessions to end the bloodshed.

In the city of Bahri crossed the Nile from Khartoum, warplanes were heard during the night and explosions startled the population. “We don’t leave house Because we are afraid of said one of the local residents who He gave his name Ahmed.

Eyewitness in I mentioned Eastern Khartoum gun Clashes and air strikes over Residential areas on Saturday.

The RSF did not do so immediately confirm her presence in grandmother.

The Sudanese Armed Forces said it had sent a delegation to the Red Sea city on Friday evening however special The envoy, Daffallah al-Hajj, said the army would not sit still down directly with Any delegation that the “rebel” RSF might send.

The warring sides said earlier that they would only discuss a humanitarian truce, not an end to the fighting.

broke out on April 15 among the army of Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and the Rapid Support Forces of Leader Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo a former A militia leader known as Hemedti after the collapse of Internationally supported plan for Transition to democracy.

Burhan, a career army officer, heads a governing council set up after 2021 military The coup and overthrow in 2019 of the old despot Omar al-Bashir, while Hemedti, who made its name leading militias in Darfur conflict vice.

Before the fight, Hemedti was taking steps like moving closer to civil party that suggest he has big Politician plans. Burhan blamed the war on his “ambitions”.

humanitarian catastrophe

Western powers supported the move to Madani government in A country located at a strategic crossroads between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Africa’s volatile Sahel region region.

White House national Security consultant Jake Sullivan was traveling to Saudi Arabia for talks with Saudi leaders.

Saudi Arabia maintains close relations with both Al-Burhan and Hemedti of who sent troops to help led by Saudi Arabia coalition in its war against Houthi group in Yemen. The kingdom also focused on protection in the Red Sea in it shares with Sudan.

United Nations greatly reduced back its operations in Sudan after three of Its employees were killed, its warehouses looted, and it demanded guarantees of safe passage of Humanitarian aid.

fighting him also Critical infrastructure has affected caused Conclusion of Most of the hospitals in conflict areas. UN agencies warned of A humanitarian catastrophe if the clashes continue.

The World Health Organization said on On Saturday, she had delivered medical aid to Port Sudan, but she was waiting for security and access The permits that prevented many of these shipments from reaching Khartoum, where there are few hospitals operating They run out of supplies.

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