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Canada Government Deems Unsustainable Demands of Strike Unacceptable and Rejects Them

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Treasury Board of Canada rejected an offer union They represent about 155,000 civil servants who are on strike, saying the demands are “unsustainable”.

“We won’t sign Agreements that no country can afford, nor those that deeply affect us ability To provide services to Canadians” Treasury Board which oversees public management, she said Wednesday.

The strike is about 155,000 federals government Workers represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada entered the eighth day on Wed, affects widely range of public Services from tax returns to passport renewals.

while, union President Chris Aylward called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to participate in negotiations and give Treasury Board a new to delegate.

He can either intervene personally or help Settle this dispute or he can remit back on Laborers who Aylward told reporters. on Parliament Hill.

“it will be out here for As long as it’s addedas the workers around him cheered.

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