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Challenging the World Food Program to Address High Rates of Malnutrition in Central Syria

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The United Nations World Food Program warned that malnutrition and hunger were rising in Syria where over half of Country population Lacks food after 12 years of economic conflict challenges And last earthquakes of the month.

“The situation is worse than ever in Syria is “the United Nations agency for the Middle East and director,” Corinne Fleischer told Reuters on Wednesday.

about 55% of Syria population of about 12.1 million people There are 2.9 million people suffering from food insecurity risk of slip hungersaid the WFP report.

data show Malnutrition rising The rates of stunting and malnutrition among mothers have reached unprecedented levels.

“We are very very concerned that hunger He is on decline rise in “Syria,” Fleischer said.

Twin earthquakes in Came February, which killed at least 53,000 people across Syria and Turkey on summit of the social and economic difficulties of 12 years of The war and the weakness of the Syrian pound.

Help currently It reaches northwest Syria through three border crossings with Turkey.

“What were we need It is the inner crossing points To open. We are still negotiating this with Local authorities on Fleischer said.

WFP will have to radically reduce the number of people Helps from july if more The agency said donor funding is not coming.

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